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What are Instagram likes?

See the little heart icon on each of your photo posts? Those are your Instagram likes. We can help you get more of these, which will help increase the visibility of your photo. Photos with more likes go viral much faster than those with few likes.

Are these real people liking my content?

Yes. Every person who likes your images will be real human profiles. We don't have bots, proxies, fake accounts, automated scripts, or any other shady business to promote our client's photos. We have some of the highest quality Instagram marketing services in the industry.

How quickly will new content be promoted?

Generally within 24 hours. We work hard to get new content promoted quickly so that it performs as well as it possibly can. Our clients success is our success.

What is more effective, likes or followers?

You can't get likes without followers (well, you can, but not as many). Instagram followers are always number one, and the likes your content gets come in a close second. The combination of having a high Instagram following and having content that is well-liked is what makes for a powerful Instagram presence.

Why should I buy likes?

Images that don't have very many likes won't get liked as much; simple as that. If you have an image that has dozens or even hundreds of likes, that image is going to gather likes much more easily than one that doesn't have likes. Not only does having images that are well-liked reflect positively on your brand, but it will help you grow your Instagram profile into an authority. We've seen client's images that started with 100 likes get several thousand likes shortly after; the crowd-effect is a powerful phenomenon.

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