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The Likesandclicks Lifetime Guarantee

This order is covered by our Likesandclicks Lifetime Guarantee. The fans we help you acquire are permanent, and any lost fans will be replaced for free.

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What is a Twitter like?

A Twitter like is the closest thing to a Facebook "Like" button on Twitter. By getting more likes on your post, your status will get more visibility, as well as increase in visibility in your followers feeds.

Will Twitter likes drive traffic?

They can drive indirect traffic. When followers click to see the tweets a user has liked, or when your followers click a tweet to see who has liked it, you will receive indirect traffic to your tweet and/or website. However, if traffic and visibility is your goal, retweets will have a much higher impact. The combination of both tweets and likes is recommended.

Is buying Twitter likes safe?

Yes; you can buy as many likes as you like to a tweet with zero negative effects. We've never had a customer's tweet deleted or their account banned as a result of using our service.

What do you need to get started?

All we need is the URL of the tweet you'd like us to promote. We don't need your login details to promote your tweet. To find your tweet URL, click the date link on your tweet, which will take you to a direct URL of your tweet.

Can you work with a tweet on a protected profile?

No. You'll need to temporarily open your profile to the public for us to promote a tweet on a protected profile, as the only people who can see your tweets when you have protected profile are those that are following you.

How long will these likes stick on a tweet?

We guarantee our Twitter likes service for life. If for whatever reason people un-like your tweet or some of them disappear, we'll replenish them, free of charge. We have the highest retention rate out of any Twitter marketing provider since we promote your tweet to real human fans (as opposed to fake bot accounts that are deleted after a few weeks).

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