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If you have delivery time requirements, please email us after placing your order. By placing your order, you agree to the Likesandclicks terms of service.

The Likesandclicks Lifetime Guarantee

This order is covered by our Likesandclicks Lifetime Guarantee. The fans we help you acquire are permanent, and any lost fans will be replaced for free.

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Are these real people retweeting my status?

Yes. While you may receive other organic retweets on your status during the duration of your campaign (which is outside of our control), all of the tweets that we will help you acquire throughout the duration of our campaigns will be from real human profiles. We don't use any clickfarms, bots, or scripts to get retweets for our customers, nor do we pay users.

Can you do multiple orders?

Yes. Feel free to submit as many orders as you like. We have many clients who will submit dozens of orders per week for every Tweet on their profile. Tweets with a high number of retweets tend to be shared and favorited much more often than those with zero retweets; the crowd-effect is especially effective on Twitter, as people feel more confident sharing something that is universally liked.

Do the retweets come in all at once or over a period of time?

Our retweets will be drip-fed, as it takes some time to find enough people to retweet your status. Your retweets won't come in all at once in a flood like some of the other services out there; it will take at least a few days for us to finish your order, or longer if its a very large order.

Will I get an exact number of retweets I order?

Not always. Due to the viral nature of retweets, once a handful of people retweet your tweet, their followers will also retweet your tweet. This means that there's a fair chance that you'll receive more retweets than you paid for. If you're looking for a certain number of retweets, start slightly smaller than the target number of retweets you're looking for.

Will these retweets increase traffic?

They can, but this isn't something we guarantee. Some Twitter users have a larger following than others; we've had customers get their tweet retweeted by a user with hundreds of thousands of followers and their tweet went viral. It varies on the quality of your tweet and the size of your order.

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