Google Advertising

Why should you use Google Ads for your business?

What exactly do Google Ads do?

Google Ads helps you to promote your business, sell products or services, raise awareness, and increase traffic to your website.

When a user searches or shows interest on the Internet for services or products that you offer, your ad will be displayed and after clicking on it take the user to your site where your offer is.

When an ad is shown?

Your ad will be visible immediately after release, and you will see the first results and benefits from the ad very quickly.

The ad can be displayed every day at any time of the day, whenever there is interest in your services or products.

When I pay for an ad?

When your ad is displayed and when an interested person/client sees it or clicks on it, only then do you pay.

You only pay for the result.

How do I know who saw the ad?

Every moment we monitor everything through analytics and know exactly who saw your ad, who clicked on it, at what time, how long they stayed on your site and which pages they visited.

How much would Google advertising cost me?

The average price for a click is between 1$ and 5$.

For example, if 100 people see and click on your advertisement, you will pay between 100$ and 400$ depending on how much the click costs.

Your total investment would be your ad budget (cost per click) plus our ad editing and maintenance fee

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